Policy of “INNOVATIONS CENTER” LLC on Quality

Directorate of “INNOVATIONS CENTER” LLC declares:

Our strategy in the field of quality is an integral part of our general development conception. As “INNOVATIONS CENTER”, we highlight the application of most advances and perfect, ultimate technology, increasing of the competitiveness of the services we offer in our activity.

We enlarge our service fields by taking into account the needs and demands of clients and customers according to our general development strategy. For this purpose the wishes and desires of the clients are learned and analyzed regularly; we undertake to do analyzes periodically for the purposes of the provision of the usefulness, adequacy and efficiency of quality managing system by taking into account the interests of state and private clients for present of long-term period, guiding on the decisions adopted in the quality field.

“INNOVATIONS CENTER” makes quality indicators of provided services comply with international and national standards, the requirements of legislation and normative rules of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Our staff evaluates the risks and do analyzed periodically for the purpose of reducing the risks for quality that might occur in the fields we act at maximum rate. For this purpose, we hold training regularly for increasing the knowledge, skill and competence of personnel.

We provide the availability of the demand of the ISO 9001:2015 standard (Quality Managing System) of contractors, firms, institutions and other partners connected with “INNOVATION CENTER”.

The directorate always does the analyses for the purpose of being ensure that the quality criteria of the activity of company are at high level, takes preventive measures to achieve the necessary results. Thus the directorate of “INNOVATION CENTER” follows the mentioned principles undoubtedly and is responsible for the analyzing of quality managing system and constant increasing of the efficiency.