“Smart ABC – Smart City Leaders Roundtable”


25 Oct “Smart ABC – Smart City Leaders Roundtable”

On 25-26 September 2017 in Busan, South Korea, Innovations Center as part of State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan was represented at the “Smart ABC – Smart City Leaders Roundtable” in ITU Telecom World which organized by Telecommunication Standardization Bureau of International Telecommunication Union.

City mayors and local government officials with digital finance experts and leaders from different countries came together in this event to explore how smart digital financial services can enhance the lives of citizens across all areas of smart urban living from smart transportation to smart health, smart homes, smart utilities and smart public services.

Mr. Kamran Agasi, Director of Innovations Center gave a speech on “ASAN Service” experience as a successful Azerbaijani brand in two different sessions of the ABC Smart City Leaders Forum.

On September 25th, during the Smart City Leaders Roundtable on “Digital Inclusion & Citizen Engagement” he addressed questions related to importance of citizen engagement and their roles in smart city design and operations, especially in the delivery of public services with the specific reference to “ASAN service” case in Azerbaijan.  He shared Azerbaijan’s best practices in developing multiple channels of communication and provided practical examples on proactive engagement with the citizens.

On September 26, during the panel session on “Leadership Cross-Sectoral Debate: Safe, Smart and Inclusive Finance for Citizens” Mr. Kamran Agasi presented Azerbaijani experience in developing ASAN Pay payment system, as well as described examples of public-private cooperation in Azerbaijan. He also talked about practical challenges that when it comes to the issue of inclusive finance, and provided recommendation about the challenges that need to be addressed in the developing countries. He stressed on importance on educating people when it comes to accessing financial services, in order to enhance the use of financial products and at the same time protect the citizens against the high-risk products or unsustainable obligations.

This event was great opportunity in terms of introducing unique Azerbaijani model of “ASAN Service” to the group of international leaders and experts, and make constructive contribution to international dialogue on important issues surrounding citizens and social innovation.


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