The official closing ceremony of the Global DefTech Hackathon event has ended

7 December, 2020

The ceremony was organized online in accordance with the conditions of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The winner teams were announced at the event.

During the 48-hour hackathon, the teams worked on their hardware, mobile applications, as well as hardware and software applications. Appointed local and foreign mentors supported the teams to develop and finalize the prototypes during this period.

In the hackathon, the FakeReveal team from Moldova took the first place in the digital propaganda challenge, the Az"OP Fables team from Azerbaijan took the second place in the relevant challenge, and the VRSoldiers team from Azerbaijan took the third place in the defense technology challenge.

It should be noted that as of November 30, 73 teams, including 25 foreign and 48 local, from 20 countries have passed the registration. At the same time, more than 50 local and foreign citizens wishing to participate as mentors expressed their desire to join the hackathon.

With the support of more than 30 foreign and local mentors, 19 foreign teams with the 55 members and 38 local teams with the 31 local members competed in Hackathon.

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