AZINNEX opened a Multimedia Center in the Children's House "A Place of Hope"

2 June, 2018

Members of the “Azerbaijan Innovations Exports Consortium” (AZINNEX), established by the State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovation, hosted a meeting with children deprived of parental care in the "A Place of Hope" children's home located in Bina settlement within the framework of the social responsibility program.

A multi-media center, organized by AZINNEX, was established to provide basic knowledge on information technology for children, formulate an understanding of the importance of technology, and bring educational processes into line with modern standards. The center is equipped with modern equipment and furniture, as well as a large screen, a computer and a printer for electronic lessons.

Representative of the State Agency, Shabnam Mammadova spoke about the importance of this initiative, as well as the support of the State Agency for such events. It was noted that the center will be regularly trained to form the initial professional skills.

The members of the AZINNEX Supervisory Board, Mohammad Zulfugarli and Jabir Jumshudov, spoke about the importance of information technology for children, contemporary trends and future career choices in this direction. Later, questions of many children were answered.

During the event, Step IT Academy also conducted robotics training for children. The 4 children participating in the training will participate in the Summer Camp of the Academy with the support of member companies.

Holiday presents were distributed to children by AZINNEX representatives.

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